I like books, harry potter, music, coffee, boys with accents, food, travel, and pretty much everything life has to offer.

Inspiration blog.

it’s raining like crazy outside! the weather in my town has been insane since yesterday afternoon and so instead of getting snow for christmas we get thunderstorms. lolol. anywho, making school projects right now. sucks right? sunday’s should be for chillin’ not for school related crap. so yeah, just wanted to share since my afternoon is pretty boring at the moment. 

10 Things I Believe I Can’t Live Without:

  • My Family
  • My two bestest friends in the whole wide world (Yanna & Ella)
  • My ipod
  • The internet
  • Harry Fucking Potter
  • FOOD
  • Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens (what? they come as a package)
  • My shows~ Glee, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl.. etc.
  • The world of fashion
  • GOD

We are beautiful. No matter what they say.

Holla! I haven’t made a long blog for a while. Since I have nothing else to do I’ll make one =)

I’m finally home after being away for almost a month. I’m really glad to be home but I miss Singapore and Manila. They’re isn’t much to do here :’( I miss the food there. Lol. I’ve been craving for froyo since yesterday.

It’s my cousin’s birthday today. So I guess it’s dinner out tonight. It’s good I guess. Our house food is kinda boring.

Can I just say I’m so fcking excited for tomorrow’s glee episode. I just know that it’s gonna be freakin awesome (fingers crossed) But I think tomorrow’s episode is also the one where Rachel and Jesse break up :’( I love them to death but we all know she ends up with Finn. But I also think in tomorrow’s ep Rachel and Puck hook up. Three cheers for more Puckleberry madness! xDD Lucky Rachel, so many love interests.

Damn. I hate being bored. It sucks bigtime =| So after writing this I think I’ll go find something productive to do. Fix my new ipod I guess. I wish Summer would give me something fun to do.

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