I like books, harry potter, music, coffee, boys with accents, food, travel, and pretty much everything life has to offer.

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After Intramurals! 

Pig out at Fatboys with my homies Ella, Yanna, and Bella! 

Intramurals 2012

Credits to Ella for the photos! :) 

Bring back 1996 △: Bertie Gilbert →


I would just like to say that you are the most perfect boy, I swear.

I just love everything about Bertie! He’s funny, witty, incredibly good-looking, talented and a smart-ass like me! (Also freaking loaded LOL) Hahaha. Bertie is so perfect. He has no flaws in my eyes! Forever in love with that…

Gonna reblog this because I’m mentioned and everything written is 100% legit. 

"Never too old for kiddie parties…"


My friends and I goofing around to this overrated song the other day! Hahahaha yes, this song is everywhere. It was really fun to make though. I love these bitches.

Arcade photo booth


We spent a lot of time at the arcade…

I am sooooo chinky in the last one! Hahaha!

fun fun fun times! 

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