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Intramurals 2012

Credits to Ella for the photos! :) 

"One team, one batch."

I love this group of people so much! We accomplished so much in 4 years. Through all the sweat, blood, and tears we finally made it. From the freshmen funk, to never doing it solo, believing that the sky is the limit, and to forever marchin’ on. 

Proud to be part of this batch. Cheers to SSA-B’s #Seniors2013! 

Note: Credits to whoever took these photos! 

an update for June:

It’s been three weeks since the first day of classes started and everything’s been okay I guess… nothing great has happened yet. It’s also my Senior Year in high school so I expected the homework… there’s a ton of them which makes me really sad. I still hate math and filipino but that’s nothing new, but I’m adding Physics to the list too. So yeah, that’s my three weeks so far! I haven’t been out a lot so I have nothing to blog about. That’s all for now I guess then. 

Oh, and it pains me that I haven’t been writing! :( I use to do it everyday… just random drabbles and rants. It frustrates me that my creative side hasn’t been working properly on pen and paper recently. I blame the unorganized thoughts and ideas in my head. Oh well… guess that’s what I’ll be doing in the weekend! 



i feel so stressed out the past few days. everything just keeps on piling up! projects, homework, research, tests, STRESS! it’s just too much. sometimes when i’m sitting in class i feel like someones banging a hammer in my head because of all the information i’m trying to remember. if this keeps up my head is gonna explode fo sho. *sigh* i absolutely hate this feeling but i’m trying to stay positive otherwise. i always tell myself that i can do it but there’s always that little voice in the back of you head telling you that you can’t. it’s frustrating. i’m making the a powerpoint for english class now so yeah… that’s one project down a bazillion more to go.


Hey there. Umm so school is back tomorrow and I’m not looking forward to it. Sure the only reason I want to go to school is to see my friends. Like a normal teenager I’m not into studying and learning cause I believe one can learn more outside school walls. But I don’t wanna stop going either…

My parents hate it when I bring up the “i hate school and i wanna quit” topic to the table. It always ends up with them saying, “so you wanna quit? quit then.” and I’m just there quiet until we finish dinner. I mean, yeah I don’t like it but I don’t have the guts to just fail. I really appreciate it that my parents really care for my future and work there asses of just so that they can send me to a good school. I’m extremely thankful. I just don’t get the school process though… what if I wanna achieve a business career or something do I really need to know all this chemistry shit just to get there? Um I don’t think so. I just think some things we learn inside those walls are stupid and irrelevant to my life. I wish they would change how schools work someday. So while life goes on, I’m still gonna try my best. I don’t wanna live my life a loser, alone forever, living in a house with 27 cats. No. I’m gonna work my ass of no matter how much bullshit it will lead me to. I believe I can do it but there’s always the little voice in the back of your head telling you that you can’t. Imma fight it though. 

Thanks mom and dad for believing in me. I may not show it all the time but I’m really happy that you care so much. 

That is all. Just needed to rant my thoughts. 



Last two days of school are pretty sucky. 

Nobody wants to study anymore cause everybody is effing lazy. 

Umm, can it just be friday already?

The weather has been bipolar for a week now. 

My math exam is tomorrow. FUCKING MATH. I WILL DIE. 

In school..


Sitting at our school’s basketball court. We have this event thing going on. I’m clearly not paying attention since I’m surfing the net with my bb.

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